Teens Inc. is an organization dedicated to TEENAGERS, with the objective to significantly reduce the staggering rate of teen related vehicle deaths and accidents.

Our organization has developed a seminar that deals with young drivers at a level they understand. We have compiled several hundred hours of research into the actions and desires of your drivers to bring about a message that will impact the way a young driver goes about operating a vehicle. Further, we have included education in a variety of other areas such as the financial impact of poor driving, at — fault accidents, liability, and others to illustrate to young drivers the consequences that could be faced when operating a vehicle.

Right now we are working with Allstate Insurance and they are offering a discount to their teenagers who attend our seminar. The discount can be as much as 30%. If you are attending the seminar to receive the Allstate discount, their requirements for the teenagers are:

  • A "B" average in school
  • No tickets or accidents on your driving record
  • Attend two Teens Inc. seminars a year in order to continue the discount — the time frame of attending is every 6 months until the age of 19— once you are 19 the discount continues until you reach the age of 2l

The registration fee for the seminar is $30.00 per teen. The Teens Inc seminar is open to ANY teenager who would like to attend (not just Allstate policy holders), and we welcome the parents to attend with their teen free of charge.

Seminar Schedule

Chanhassen Rec Center

Date: April 11thLocation: Chanhassen Rec. Center
2310 Coulter Blvd
Chanhassen, MN 55317
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Hilton Garden Inn

Date: June 6thLocation: Hilton Garden Inn Hotel
1050 Gramsie Rd
Shoreview, MN 55126
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Seminars Offered

Please sign up for ONLY ONE seminar every six (6) months.

SEMINAR #1 Two hour seminar that has a main focus of how to be defensive when you are behind the wheel.
  Registration 8:45am
  Seminar 9:00am-11:00am

Attending Seminar #1 is MANDATORY

"THE DYNAMICS OF CRASHES", this one hour seminar will walk you through the different types of crashes and the dynamics and situations and how they occur and how to avoid them.
  Registration 11:00am
  Seminar 11:15am-12:15pm



Downloadable Seminar Materials

DVD - Roadworthy

Created by Teens, Inc. founder Michael Pehl, "Roadworthy: A Parent's Guide to Teaching Teens to Drive"
Now Available